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We design spontaneous, trendy, responsive and professional website for your business. We make interactive, mobile friendly web and give you website maintain services.  There are lot web developer agencies but we build strategy and communicate established message to intend users and convert them into your customers.

Any business that does not have a website is missing out on one of the most dominant marketing tools available to them. Medimarcom develop a platform for your brand and make it available to your potential customer. We develop your website according to Software/System Development Life Cycle methodology (SDLC).

Following are the five stages of SDLC:

Requirement Analysis: The phase starts with analyzing and defining the requirement of the business and how it could be achieved.

Design: During the next phase the software construction and flow of the website is prepared.

Implementation: The real code is written here.

Testing: Here we test how the website is responding, everything are compiled into a special testing environment, then checks for errors, bugs and interoperability.

Evolution: In the last stage it is pushed to a full release where it enters the maintenance phase. The maintenance stage allows the application to be adjusted to organizational, systemic and utilization changes.

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