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The PR team provides high impact media engagement solutions which help the client to build strong relationship with extensive media vertical. With the relationship building the company can achieve brand awareness in the target group.

Advising and Consulting: To let your audience identify your story and brand we plan strong strategy.  Whether your business is big, small we develop traditional, digital and innovative fresh PR strategies to get it acknowledged.

Elaboration: We provide an effective advocacy, always incorporates carefully crafted communications and public affairs strategies. We help with development of press releases, quotes and pitch notes on behalf of your company. We carry out the following activities for our client:

  • Monitor Editorial Opportunities which include the article subject matter, the author and the deadline. This is all extremely valuable information to get the brand featured in media.
  • Set up Event Interviews so that you this is the best advantage to be in news and we make it easy for our client.
  • As your PR agency we monitor the web for the client, whether it’s through Google Alerts or another web monitoring tool or scanning the newspaper, we know this is a valuable source for relations.
  • Our team will send the client a daily tracking report featuring the articles, news about the company, their competitors and overall industry news. It keeps the client and the agency informed of what’s happening.

Media Relation: Getting your message across through the media, a powerful tool is much more challenging job. We build the swift connection with the journalist and involve working with them to provide the information as well as your company mission.

Elaboration: First and foremost we identify the right editors and journalists who cover particular news beat. We build relationships with the media, reporters of local and national paper, the editor at the TV news desk.  You are more likely to get coverage if you can build good relationships with contacts and Medimarcom do the same for our clients. We pitch the journalist to do stories or publish updates on client’s services/product.  These are possible only by establishing informal relationships with them. For journalist we can become a contact they turn to for comment on local business issues. This way, you can be sure your business is always in the news.

Crisis Management: Crisis arises when there is unpredictable situation in the company that threatens to harm your company. Medimarcom crisis management team will do their best on establishing what has happened, assess the impact, resolve the conflict, priorities action required and retains control. The team is trained to cope up with crisis situation.

Elaboration: We have discovered that our team can be the firemen who can manage the challenge of crisis. To control the situation and process the crisis communication we suggest first to understand the circumstances and advice not react to a PR crisis if you don’t know exactly what happened and why it happened. We should distinguish the impact on the business and inform the team about the same to avoid it. Medimarcom decide on corporate position and messaging which can be disseminated to decided media to prevail over the situation.

Media presence: We help you to get your brand featured in all vertical media; Print, Electronic, Online by building a strong relationship with journalist.

Our client is big or small we use the same communication tools with the public. We do our clients public relation without spending a dime in advertisement. In PR we believe in earned media, we don’t take out paid ads in newspaper on the radio, newspaper or television, in its place we earn stories and coverage through using our communication tools and strategies.

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