Digitalization is changing the world of work

The current scenario has completely changed with the drive of digitalization.  There is a transformation in the world of work, digitalization is leading to a major make over in occupations. In the process, jobs are becoming more demanding, and demand for specialists particularly specialists in IT and with programming skills has never been greater. Even […]

The power of colour when developing your brand

Colours influence our emotions in many different ways. In fact, studies have shown that a consumer’s decision to purchase a new or unfamiliar product is based largely on the brand’s colours. What colours appeal to us for some things may not necessarily attract us to others. In short, the colours you choose can literally make […]

Spark career blog – Lead Front End Developer

Do you want to be a Lead Front End Developer? Are you one already? Are you A-OK with HTML5, CSS3 and JS? Can you anticipate browser quirks before they even rear their ugly heads? Can you deploy a mobile website with all the precision of a heat-seeking missile? Are UI and UX all 5×5 with […]